*country living fair '10*

{so this past weekend, we had tickets to the first ever Country Living Fair
right here in Atlanta (caution: i went photo crazy..). 
saturday was the perrrrrfect weather for an outdoor event like this.
b and i got there early...it was actually really close to our house..
like an 8 minute drive for us..}
{we waited in line with the rest of the early birds..until they opened the gates at 10:00 sharp.}

{it was nice because there were people..but not enough to block everything..like this sponsor tent that had burlap panels draped over folding chairs and barrels of hay with wood doors on top for seating..}

{this was another sponsor tent...i thought these garbage pails with willow-ish branches were really pretty. wouldn't those lanterns be beautiful all lit up, they would be great for an evening get together with friends!}

{after browsing the main area...which was huge..we spotted a map and figured out where we wanted to start..we picked the biggest loop and walked our way around...}

{i didn't expect to see clothes...but this booth had a couple racks of cozy looking cardigans with all sorts of ruffle concoctions...i'm sad to say..i didn't get one.}

{this vendor was super sweet...i had recognized his work from seeing it in magazines. these pillows are made out of old signs used from double decker buses. they also use the signs for upholstery and frame pieces of the signs to sell. his work is featured in this month's elle decor. 
check out the rest of his stuff here.} 

{we started to get into the thick of it all and every where we looked were cool gadgets, knickknacks and furniture..like these adorable step stools. i love the dovetail detail on the top stool..}

{this booth had really cool flash cards in various sizes..b and i picked up a couple. some were for us and others were for little c.}

{this was a great booth. the guy created all sorts of light using found objects. i loved these hanging exposed lights with the decorative caging...and the burlap panel behind them was something
 i contemplated for our dining room..}

{i loved this view..do you see the different textures? the softness of the fabric against the driftwood tree and then that awesome pop of orange? i wanted that driftwood tree for our house..loved it!}

{i was really impressed with this booth...look at how they created their entrance...so creative! it definitely caught the eye of everyone walking by..that booth was packed.}

{another fun booth using found objects..}

{knickknacks...love looking at shelves of vintage christmas items...}

{check out this sofa and it's delicate floral applique..}

{i really wanted one of these hand carved owls...but my budget wouldn't allow it. a little over a
100 for the small one..boo.}

{this was sooo fun to see. i wish i would have took another picture up close. the colors were amazing. i got to talk to one of the owners. he said that this was a tub of merino wool that had yet to be spun into yarn. he and his wife have a farm in Missouri where his wife uses their very own spring water that they get from their farm to hand die this wool. the colors will never be identical because of the natural dying process of the spring water. you should have seen the colors..they were so beautiful. check out their cl spread here.}

{i'm a such a sucker for ribbon...i wanted a lot of it...but ended up getting some green and brown silk ribbon for christmas decorations and wrapping...can not wait to use it!}

{the fair wasn't complete without seeing tons and tons of pumpkins and gourds..}

{before we left..we stopped by the last booth to pick up some mini pumpkins...our very first white pumpkin..check out the warty ones..}

{and we had to pick up some of these fantastic gourds...all in all it was a great time. we were really impressed with how well everything was laid out and how smooth the whole fair was ran. the only thing that i thought they could have had was more fall food...like pies..apples..and maybe some cider...hopefully next year we'll be able to come back and maybe someone will have these extras. all i know is i'm sure next year's fair will be even bigger and better! hope you enjoyed it!}
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