a little sofa shopping...

Today, I stopped by Stanton to check out the sofas they had just gotten in. There was one in particular that a client and mine were eager to see. As soon as I walked in, I noticed this beauty. Stanton doesn't typically carry sectionals but they told me that they are going to start carrying a couple to sell off the floor. 
The bronze nail head trim on this sofa really finishes it off and brings it up a notch. 
Loving the gray blue fabric of course...I'm a sucker for that color!
I wanted to wrap this up and stick it in my car! This picture is not cutting it. 
The teal fabric is rich and so lush! 
Love that they added the coral pillows to it to add that amazing pop! 
In the back was THE sofa.
 I was so excited to see this. 
They have had this sofa on the floor before and I've been very tempted to get it for myself 
but they haven't had it in this particular velvety gray fabric. 
This gem is going to be the center of my client's formal living room. Isn't she pretty? 
We are pairing it with the Thatcher wing chair in the Grain Sack fabric, Flax. 
Bold, colorful pillows are a necessity for this room and CR Laine is killing it with amazing fabrics right now. 
We can choose fabrics from their line and have custom pillows made at Stanton.
I am loving the Frequency fabric in Jewel (middle fabric picture) but will have to see what my client's husband thinks, it has a little pink which he might not like. 
Maybe I need to order two for my own sofa...we will see! 


pop of pink

attention to detail

How fun is this girl's room
I love that every detail was thought out and given special attention. 
It's not your "typical" girls room with everything being from one store. 
So creative, a one of a kind room. 


weekend re-cap

Saturday was our 2nd family day!
It's hard to believe that 2 years have gone by!  
Since the 12th is a very special day for us, we like to fill it with lots of presents and fun activities. 
For breakfast, the boys ran to the donut shop and brought back some goodies to eat. Oliver loves donuts!
After everyone had eaten, O got to open his first special gift. 
It was a Pororo bath toy that we had been saving for this day.
 (In Korea, Pororo is very popular, similar to Mickey Mouse here.)
Last year, Oliver received a Pororo police car which he still plays with so it's become a tradition.
This year, we decided to take Oliver to Legoland. In the past six months, he's gotten into Legos and has a couple sets that he plays with. This was our first time so we weren't sure how busy it would be or how long we would be there. The set up is nice, Oliver enjoyed seeing the mini Lego city of Atlanta and pressing all the buttons that make sounds. He loved the ride where you get to "shoot" the bats and spiders. Once we were in the large open area, b took him on the wizard ride. 
They loved it! I think O will be ready for Disney next year!! 
 We made a car to go down the ramp but it was starting to get busy so we didn't get to do this for long. 
The 4d movie was about to start so we headed to the theatre. At first, O was okay with the glasses and the darkness but once we got sprayed (gently) with water, O was done. He did not like the water! ha!
 So we went back into the large play area and played with Legos. 
I asked Oliver if he wanted to ride the wizard ride with me and of course he said yes. :)
When we were done, he didn't really want to play any more but did ask to ride the skeleton ride again. By that time, we had been there for an hour and felt we had pretty much done everything there was to do so we headed for the gift shop. Oliver got to pick out a Lego dump truck and digger 
which he was very happy about! 
We asked O what he wanted for lunch and he said PASTA!! 
Oliver loves noddles, mac n cheese and cheese ravioli. 
He would be happy to have this for lunch almost every day.
So he headed to Figo and ate outside. 
The weather was perfect! After lunch, we headed home so that Oliver could take a nap while we worked on some house projects. When he got up, we gave him the rest of his special gifts. 

Oliver is a big Jungle Book fan. He loves the songs and will sing them when he's playing. A couple weekends ago, we were at a Disney store and noticed they had this stuffed King Louie (Oliver did a story at school and used King Louie as a character to his story.). B and I knew that we had to get O the stuffed King Louie! As you can see from the above picture, Oliver loved it! He slept with it all weekend 
and even wanted to take it to school today. 
We had a little time before we would walk up to the square for dinner so Oliver got to play with his new toys for a while and b got to play with  put together a small Lego kit he bought from the Lego store. 
Once it was done, he gave it to O to put it on his shelf since he's a little too young to play with it now.
 Oliver thought it was funny, I did too. 
For dinner, Oliver requested sushi so that's what we got. We sat outside again which was so nice! The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect. I really wanted to be outside every day...all day. 
When our bellies were full, we walked over to the Yogurt Tap and finished our special day with ice cream, chocolate of course! 

Happy Monday!


almost the weekend...

Big news...
this weekend we are celebrating our 2nd family day!! 
Can you believe it? O has been home 2 years!!
I can't believe how fast it's gone. 
Wow...I still remember the excitement we both had that day O came home. 
It was amazing

The weather is going to be beautiful and b and I have a bunch of fun activities lined up for both Saturday and Sunday. It should be a pretty spectacular weekend! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

if you are interesting in seeing our homecoming video, click here


touching base...

Wow, I might just become an photography junkie! 
Yesterday, I had my first photo shoot, well it wasn't the first photo shoot I've been on. 
I have actually been on quite a few shoots but this one was different, it was all MINE. 
I hired the photographer, I styled the shots (eeks!) and I am the one who 
worked with the photographer to get what I wanted. 
It was such a great experience and I learned so much from the day.
 It also helped that the photographer was really open to hearing what 
I wanted and was so easy to work with.  
I have to admit that I was really nervous the night before the shoot, I felt really overwhelmed by everything. 
I wanted to get five rooms photographed and 
that meant that I personally needed to style them all. Styling a room for a photo shoot is very different then styling a room that you live in day in day out. The camera captures things differently. It's hard for me to explain but from my experience it's nice to have a variety of items to be able to pull from if something you thought would work, doesn't. The most stressful for me was actually having those specific items to pull from. I didn't want to go out and buy a ton of things but also didn't want to pull everything from my own personal collection. That would have been time consuming and I don't have that type of time. So I ended up doing a mixture of my personal items along with some new things (besides flowers and food).  
I know that with each shoot I have, I will learn more and really get a feel for what works and what doesn't. I am honestly really happy to have this experience under my belt so that I don't have that crazy overwhelming (what the hell am I doing?) feeling again. I am so ready for the next one! 
I seriously was thinking of all the projects that I have completed in the past year or so and which ones I wanted to get photographed next. It's kind of like a rush and so rewarding!  
I wouldn't have been able to do it all if it weren't for my sweet b. 
Really, he shopped with me the night before and helped me figure out some props and then went with me the next morning to get the rest. He carried all the bags and boxes of food, flowers and accessories into the house we were shooting, he helped me style some of the rooms and cut the flowers for the vases. He took O for the day so that I could just be 100% there. 
He was (is) the best! 
I wouldn't have been able to get everything done in time and I certainly wouldn't have felt 
as relaxed the day of if he wasn't at my side. 
Thanks my b!

Typically as a nice (and a thank you!) gesture, you leave the flowers and food (if they want them) 
behind for your client to enjoy them. 
My client was out of town on spring break, so that meant that
all the flowers and food I used as props came back home with me.
I have the most amazing Bells of Ireland sitting by my kitchen sink 
and they smell SO divine!

So there you go, that's what I was up to yesterday! Hope your week is going well! 


beauty of flowers and illustrations

i must have been living under a rock, i was scrolling through some items on pinterest the other night and came across this ostrich above. i thought to myself, wow, this is really lovely! i clicked on the picture and it brought me to Kari's Etsy shop. I started reading the top of the page and this beautiful art has been featured on Anthro, Martha, Lonny...seriously..living under a rock over here! 


weekend recap

Saturday was a work day for me. I had a mid-morning meeting with a client and the architect to wrap up some details then I headed over to another client's house to take photos and measure a space for future cabinetry. I stopped by the house to see the boys and then was off to the mall to take a look at some fabric at Pottery Barn. 
My client is going to use this chair...
in her family room and this one..
in her formal living room. 
While I was there getting fabrics for these two chairs, I walked by these stripe panels...I LOVE stripes...really it's an obsession! 
I was thinking of maybe using the navy ones in my foyer. 
We have side lights on our front door that look right into our bedroom...
and we can't stand it! So there will be curtains in our foyer one day very soon!
Once I was done at Pottery Barn, I did a quick stop at the Bobby Brown counter to get this lip gloss in buff and this blush in tawny before heading to another job site. 
This was the first time that I got to see the paint colors that I selected and I was so so pleased with them. I also was really excited to see the kitchen cabinets and the master bathroom floor. It's going to be such a beautiful house once it's completed. The house will be put on the market in a month or two and I am really excited to see how it does. While I was there, the countertop installer told me that he thought the house would be a quick sell. *fingers crossed!*
He told me that he loved how it looked and really wanted to know the color of the kitchen cabinets.
Lucky for him, I was the one who selected the color. :) 
He said he wanted to use it for cabinets in his own home. Love that!
*I'll share the colors I used on this house later this week.*
The realtor of this house (and my friend) met me at the site to do a walk through. 
We have very similar taste so it's always fun to walk through a project with her. 

I met up with my boys closer to dinner and since it was such a beautiful day out, 
we decided to walk to the square for dinner. 
Spring this year has been A-mazing. 
The colors are gorgeous and the weather has been perfect. 
We can actually enjoy this season unlike some other ones where it gets too hot too fast. 
I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it. 
Sunday was a cold and drab day. 
b left early in the morning to catch a flight to a job site which meant it was just me and O. 
I honestly just wanted to stay in bed all day, but we went to a bookstore and then did a little shopping.
 I didn't feel like making dinner so we picked up some food from one of our new favorite places. 
O loves their steamed veggie dumplings and I love the GF veggie fried rice with tofu. Yum! 

O has Spring Break this week. We already made mental notes for next year that we need to plan ahead and get out of town so that we can enjoy some down time. Since we are staying home, we have some fun activities planned so it should be a pretty fun week!  

Hope you all have a happy monday!


3 years ago...

I was filling my booth at the Beehive when I learned that I was going to be the momma to 
this incredibly beautiful baby boy. 
 I had been praying for him for so very long 
and I finally knew what my sweet boy looked like, an angel. 
This was one of the first pictures I saw of him and one of my favorite. 
He was a perfect bundle with the longest lashes and the sweetest tousled hair.
I remember studying this picture for hours and days, noting his little fingers spread out, his tiny little lips and chubby cheeks. 
A year later, he would come home to us and we would receive the sweetest set of pictures from that special day that our baby wore the pink and yellow onesies.

Hard to believe it's been three years since that amazing day!



Brooklyn made - Aelfie rugs 

go ahead..pin them..you know you want to.