*ice show*

{well the show is over....it was a great experience...we met a lot of wonderful people and had a lot of fun participating in the show....the only down side...the weather! oh my....it was so hot. i bought hand held fans for us to use and i am so thankful that i did. i think b and i drank 4 very large bottles of gatorade and didn't feel like eating a thing...after the show...all we wanted to do was take cold showers and eat some good food.....oh and rest our feet! btw... i will be posting all of the shirts and onesies that didn't get a home yesterday in my etsy shop.....very soon....so stay tuned.}

{i want to give a big THANK YOU to all of those that stopped by our booth to meet us and to give us such wonderful comments on the shirts and onesies! i also want to thank my friends and family for coming out to the show!! also...thank you to matt and jenn for helping us with the set up and the take down of our booth! it meant a lot to us!!}
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