here we go again...

my "elmo" toes and O's elmo "swippers"
so it seems that my toes just can't live without seeing my doctor's office.
i'm off again to see the doctor this afternoon.
i've been taking anti-inflammatory meds for my swollen "digits" and the first day it helped.
i felt like a new person!
the second, third, fourth..you get the picture....not so much.
they have been manageable and not terribly swollen...
this morning.
i could feel it under the covers and i acted like it wasn't there hoping it would magically disappear once i uncovered my feet...but it didn't go away.
my problem toe was big and red and throbbing.
i don't get the whole sleeping and waking up with big toes thing.
it's annoying.
in addition to my big swollen "digit"...
(makes me laugh every time i write it and yes, it is a word my doctor used. hehe) 
i also had three other toes that were red and sore to the touch.
it makes it very hard to walk...move...just live. i'm getting a little frustrated because tomorrow will be two weeks with this same damn swollen toe.
something i never thought i'd say..
"Please doc..help my toes!!"

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