{i'm almost embarrassed to post these photos...these were taken right before the box was packed and i wanted to make sure i got a picture of each of them since they were new. it was not the best lighting in the room...so i apologize for the tacky pictures. oh and i find it so frigging hard to take pictures of brown tees or onesies. i haven't gotten it down yet...they always turn out too light and saturated...if anyone has any tips...i'd love to hear them. :)}

{okay so back to the reason why i'm posting these...have you noticed how lil and big tees are a huge hit right now? they really are...i'm sure it's because it's the season for babies right now. these pictures are apart of a custom order that i had finished at the beginning of the week. 8 custom big and lil tees. i think i'm going to add the lil bro to my shop...see if anyone likes it. of course...the picture does it no justice....so i'm not sure..what are your thoughts?}
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