*for baby*

{back in december we got a card from one of my older sister's friends, sarah. she's such a sweet person and has such a big heart...you can see why here.... in the card was this sticker/decal...it's the outline of South Korea! so when we were at Ikea a couple weekends ago...i picked up a small white frame...}

{...what i needed to do in order to frame the decal was attach it to a sheet of paper. i decided to put it on a piece of stock paper in lieu of standard paper...the stock paper was much more white and of course more sturdy which is what i needed because the decal did have some weight to it....}

{then i cut the paper down to fit into the frame...and here's what the framed decal looks like!}

{when we start working on the baby's room...this frame will find a special place on the wall! by the way...did you notice the "red" words in the middle of the decal? it said "treasure"...so perfect...we will treasure ever minute we have with our new little one...thank you so much sarah!!!}
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