{so yesterday as i was looking through all my blog reads...i clicked on spearmint baby's post called bake-n-blog. i'm a huge fan of baking blogs so of course this caught my eye. i don't do a whole lot of baking since it's just b and i...but i do love to drool over all the beautiful pictures! well after reading what bake-n-blog was...i had to head over to staci edwards blog to sign up!}

{what is it? well basically staci found this site called ming makes cupcakes... ming has 33 cupcakes with their recipes posted and staci thought it would be fun to have a "bake along" via the blog world. so anyone is welcome to pick a cupcake recipe, bake it, blog about it and tell us all how delicious it was...but the post needs to be on the 19th..this way we all get to see everyone's cupcake on the same day. if you are interested in baking one of ming's cupcakes...head on over to staci's blog! i'm going to be making cupcake #20 (shown above)...i love coconut and b loves chocolate...so this one will be perfect for us! i'm super excited to make these. there are still some left...so if you sign up..don't forget to post about it!}
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