*antique finds...with my phone*

{on saturday, b and i took a drive to Kudzu Antiques (our favorite!). we were not really looking for anything special...just wanted to browse...sometimes when we do this..we find an item we just can't leave without. we did find all sorts of fun things...but ended up leaving with a tiny item that was only $1.50. this sign above was our first sighting...l-o-v-e-d it! b said it would look great in our kitchen/dining area...i had to agree!
but had to pass...there's no wall space for it...boo!}

{i love looking at this bookshelf (only captured half of it..there are two upper shelves too...oops!). there are oodles of tin toys, tin cans and other odds and ends. b and i always stop at this bookshelf to play and look at all the gadgets and gizmos. we both agree that if we are matched with a boy..we'll come back and pick up some of the tin toys for little one's room (for decorations of course).}
{this twin bed was adorably cute! the price tag was $100-ish...i wish we had space to store this until little one was older...this would have been perfect for a big (boy/girl) bed...no new painted needed.}

{before we leave...there is a booth on the other side of the store that is all retro (1950-60's) items...love this booth. the lamps, chairs and accessories are all so fun to see. i thought these glasses would be neat to drink my morning juice out of! love going antique shopping...it's never dull!}
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