*going custom*

{having so much time to think about little c's room has been good and bad. the good part is that i have plenty of time to research and make a good decision on the products we purchase for little c. the bad part...i am finding way too many products and it's so hard to choose. the one thing that i have figured out...finally..is that i just can't fall in love with a bedding set for either gender. there are some that i like...but none that i have to have for little c. so i finally decided..we should go custom. we don't need the quilt or some of the other extra items they give you like the diaper holder etc. i want it kept simple. a crib skirt and a bumper pad. so i went on spoonflower to look for some unique fabrics...i've started saving the ones that i like..hopefully when we get a referral..we'll be able to narrow it down more. i hope.}

{p.s. yesterday, we hit our 16th month waiting for a referral. it's crazy it's been that long. each month flies by. we are still waiting to hear back from our agency on where we are on the master list and what the average wait time is now. it's been a week and a half since we met with the director and our new social worker....it's amazing it's taken this long to get some simple answers. hopefully this week is a good informative week for us! we need it.}
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