*November...you are here.*

{Happy November!! can you believe it? okay..i know some people might groan about it being November..but i have to say...i am so happy you are here November! it is going to be a great month...
but i have a feeling it's going to go by pretty darn fast!}

so what do you have in store for this month? well let's see...i have:
1. a certain someone is going to turn 17 this month...

2. my first show of the season...paideia..yay!

3. another certain someone will turn...wait for it...36. gulp!

4. that certain someone is doing something that she's never done before...and i'm sooo super proud of her...her first half marathon! whoot!

5. my second show of the season...ice!

6. a huge blogiversary!!

7. and to top off the month...thanksgiving in nashville with our second family..plus throw in some christmas shopping with julie...and it's going to be a great month...

oh and who could forget...this month means we are just that much closer to getting our referral!!

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