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{hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day either with your Mother or as a Mother! b and i had a relaxing weekend. it was gorgeous here, perfect weather. saturday, we spent the day shopping and of course we picked up items for Oliver. some clothes, bath toys and little animals on wheels. i have to say that every time we get to pick up something new for Oliver, it's so much more exciting and feels that much more real. finally, we are buying items for someone we know will be coming home and those items will be his. b and i have learned that our taste in clothes for Oliver is some times different. don't get me wrong..we like a lot of the same things but it's funny to hold something up that i personally think it's cute only to be told "uh..it's okay."...meaning uh no. this weekend we had one of those moments. i was not expecting b to have such an opinion on Oliver's clothes....i guess i really didn't think he would? since i'm usually the one helping b pick out his own clothes and i'm usually telling him..."uh..it's okay." it makes me smile thinking about it all. to know that b is picturing our little guy and has an idea on what he should wear...just makes my heart swell thinking of it.   

on sunday, we spent the day cleaning up the house, both in and out. we made time to just sit on the deck for an hour or two and enjoy the weather. b gave me the sweetest Mother's Day card (got a little misty eyed) along with a gift set of say yes to cucumbers. he knows i like new products. it was a sweet day. i can honestly say that i didn't feel like this holiday was for me yet.
my friend kelly said it perfectly in her comment on friday...
"I remember last year being in your position for Mother's Day and I have to say it felt a bit odd. We knew Max was our son but had never met him. But just remember you ARE a mother so celebrate yourself and next year you'll have that beautiful Oliver in your arms when you are celebrating."

she was right...i did feel a bit odd. we talked about our little guy a lot yesterday and we looked at his picture a lot. he's in our hearts and in our minds but not in our arms just yet. i agree...next year it will feel complete.}

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