*after 21 months....*

{we can finally announce that we got our REFERRAL!!!}

{at 9:00 this morning...we will be seeing our SON for the first time.  i think we are still in shock. i can tell you that i am excited and nervous at the same time! we know nothing about him except that he is super cute and he resembles b. eeek!!! i'm soooo excited!!!}

{okay since we don't have any information to share about our son...do you want to hear how it all happened yesterday? i need to document this while it's still fresh before i forget it. lol. so here it goes...yesterday i went to the Beehive to stock my poor booth (as i mentioned in my monday post). i was there for a couple hours working and had put my purse in the back office along with my phone so i didn't have to worry about it. after i was done tagging everything and making sure it looked decent..i went to get my phone to take a picture (a habit of mine). i noticed that i had quite a few missed calls so i went to see who they were from...there were three missed calls from our agency! i thought no way...then i started to shake and though omg...is this it?? so i walked out side. my head was spinning, my hands were shaking. i tried for what felt like 10 minutes to get the agency's number and call it. i kept hitting the wrong buttons on my phone like e-mail and camera! i was getting so frustrated with myself. my hands wouldn't stop shaking. finally i got my phone to call our agency but then realized that i had no idea who to ask for. i knew our social worker was not there so i hung up. ha! i looked at my phone and noticed there was a message. so i listened to it and it was another gal from our agency saying she had some things to talk to me about. for a moment i thought it had something to do with our I-600 renewal which is set to expire on the 9th. i thought something might be wrong with the paperwork and there was a need for immediate action. so i dialed our agency and asked for the appropriate person. she answered (some of this is a blur to me) and i told her who i was and i believe she asked me if i was driving and i told her no that i was stocking my booth at the beehive. lol. she asked me to hold on. i could hear her putting me on speaker and my heart dropped. she told me the director and another lady was also on the line. they asked me a again if i was driving and i said no, i was outside. then they told me that they had our referral. i couldn't say anything. as they were cheering in the background and congratulating me...i was just sobbing. i was covering my face because i was outside the store and there was a whole lot of people around...walking past me, parking, staring...i remember saying that i couldn't stop crying. i apologized and they said they understood, we had waited a long time. they said that our baby was soo soo very cute. they had been waiting for this baby for us. this baby was perfect for us. they said that they had called b because they couldn't get a hold of me and that he had set up an appointment for us tomorrow morning at 9. i asked what we needed to do from here. they told me that b had asked them not to share any information with either of us so that we could be together when we hear about our baby. they said that if we wanted to know anything, we could call them back. they also told me that they asked b if he wanted to call to tell me about our referral and he said no. he told them that he knew i had been waiting a very long time for this call and would want to hear it from them. i told them i was dying to know the sex of our baby and would call b to talk to him. lol. so i called b right away. he asked me if i had talked to our agency and i said yes..we have a referral!! we talked a little bit more and i asked him if he wanted to know the sex. he said he thought it would be good if we got the news together. so i told him that i would respect his wishes and wait until our meeting. he asked me if i was going to call anyone or wait until tomorrow when we knew more. i said are you serious??!! (in a laughing/crying voice) i told him that i was going to call everyone i knew! ha! we said our goodbyes and i got into my car and started to drive home. i called my dad and left him a message to call me asap. i called my older sister and told her the news. then i tried my dad again, after talking to him for a couple minutes...i decided to call b back. i said b...i want to know if it's a girl or boy. he said ok. go ahead and call them back. i told him that i wanted him to tell me. so he called our agency and called me back. he said...It's a BOY!! we have a son! i cried again! told him that i loved him and said...we have a son b! after i got off the phone with him...i called my dad back and the rest of my family to share the news!}

{i have a son. there will be a little boy running around our household giggling and squealing. it's so hard to imagine.}

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