*wake up ollie...*

{he's awake!! our little boy is awake! we were so overjoyed to see "updated picture" in our e-mail inbox yesterday! as i mentioned, i didn't think we would get a new picture of Oliver Yu-hyeon until maybe next month. i don't think i could have opened the e-mail fast enough. as i told my friend, my heart doubled in size after seeing this new picture. he's holding the little firetruck we sent him in his first care package! we were wondering if he had received his care package and i'm so glad they sent us this picture showing he got it!  you can see in the corner of the page that there is a photo album. that is the one we sent him filled with our pictures. so that means that our son got to see our picture for the first time at his may wbc! gives me chills. seeing this picture has made my month! oh Oliver...you have stolen our hearts. we love you so very much!}

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