*mailbox gifts*

{we've received a couple special packages in the mail recently for Oliver's birthday. this first one was from his aunt Jenny and aunt Cara (my sisters). they got Ollie a monkey lunch bag and a raffi cd. this is the type of music that me and my sisters grew up with. we opened the cd so b could hear the songs. we listened to the whole cd and there wasn't one song that he knew! so fun to show him a piece of my childhood. can't wait for Oliver to hear and learn these songs. down by the bay...where the watermelon grow....}
{my sisters also go me and b two books to read while we wait...healthy sleep habits, happy child and 1-2-3 magic. i'll take any parenting books from pros like my sisters...}
{we actually didn't get these in the mail but i wanted to show off these super cute shark pjs that Oliver got from his Nashville family. our good friends, Julie and Cory picked these out for Oliver and gave them to us when we were visiting them a couple weekends ago. they also got Oliver a basketball t-shirt to wear when he comes to visit. he needs to "support the sport" that his daddy and Cory play every (single) time we go to visit! i love the pj's....because they have striped shorts...didn't know i was way into stripes...oh i am!}
{we also got a package from grandpa and grandma t (my parents). Oliver is g&g's 5th grandchild and second grandson. g&g got Oliver these skip hop activity toys. i love me some skip hop....i think my family knows this....don't you? ha! these fun toys make all types of sounds that i'm sure Oliver is going to love. of course i love that they are both owl themed.}
{a couple days ago, we received a box from Oliver's other grandparents...b's mom and dad. they got Oliver his first ever pillow pet! it's a dolphin and it's so super soft. it might find it's way into our room. just kidding. i know this will be used often...like when laying on the floor or on the sofa and in the car...i'm picturing this in the washing machine quite a lot. grandma c had a lot of fun picking out outfits for Oliver. he got two pairs of shorts, a pair of khakis, three shirts and a polo onesie! they also got him a gift that i know will be used during the warm season here (which is about 6-7 months of the year!)...a pool that has a built in spray! now we just need to get Oliver a pair of swim trunks!}

{thanks everyone for sending such sweet gifts!! next year will be even more fun when he's here to open them! xo!}
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