{on friday, my sweet 12 year old lab was rushed to the vet's office. he had symptoms that i had not experienced with him before. i called our vet and explained what was going on and they asked me to come in as soon as possible. this made me panic. to say i was scared would be an understatement. my heart was pounding and i was fighting back the tears as i put noah in the car and proceded to put my hands at 12 and 2 and ride like the wind. the whole ride there all i could think about was my noah. my sweet sweet noah.}
{once we got to the vet, noah got a full body scan. he was poked and probed all over all the while keeping his eye on me. the first thing the vet told me was that he detected a new heart murmur. my own heart dropped. then they took him to the back to take some blood and do other tests. the vet couldn't determine what was going on but he told me he was very concerned with noah's symptoms. this time my heart was in my throat. i mentioned that noah was also having trouble with his back right leg and showed some discomfort when he walked. the doctor said he'd look at him while they were bringing him out front to me. tears were building up in my eyes and i was able to "maintain" my composure until the vet opened the side door and said to me...without taking an x-ray i'd say noah has spinal arthritis. forget maintaining my composure...the flood gates opened. i was told that the results from all the tests would be back in the morning and it could be anything...from something easy to fix to something very serious. he just didn't know. so as i rode home, the past 12 years of noah's life with us flashed in my mind. tears just rolled down my face. i said a quiet prayer for noah and his health, 
praying that he had more time with us.}
{ on saturday, the vet called to let me know that noah has a kidney infection, it's serious but treatable. so the good lord heard my prayer and my sweet boy will hopefully be feeling much better very soon...but something that has stuck with me the last two days is after i got home, i texted my family a picture of noah, asking them to say a prayer for his health. later that day, my sister told me that noah looked so old in his picture. this made my heart hurt. i see noah differently, he still runs and jumps and is so silly. i feel like he hasn't "changed", he hasn't really slowed down. he loves to take a running leap up the deck stairs and wants to chase arden around the yard. i know noah is 12 years old and he's not getting any younger but it's hard for me to think of him as old. to hear someone say he looks old makes me realize that we may only have a couple more years (or less) left with our sweet boy. i have always given him tons of hugs and pats and love through out these past 12 years. he has a very very special place in my heart and i hope he knows that.}

 {i am grateful for the news and that it's something we can easily help with a little medicine. it's just been a huge eye opener for me. i now know that my time with him is limited and i need to give noah a little extra love each day while he's still here with me and b. the lord heard my prayer and answered it. 
thank you so very much lord.}
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