my girl

we rescued her just 8 years ago at a wee 8 weeks old. she was a strong willed puppy for sure...naughty at times but made up for her naughty-ness by giving lots and lots of sweet kisses...always on the mouth or nose. we used to call her Ardini because she would get out of the kitchen during the day and we could never figure out how she did it. she wasn't always obedient either and many times b and I would joke that she was preparing us for parenthood. 
Noah didn't fall in love with her at first for obvious reasons...it had been his domain for five years. after a year or so, she had him wrapped around her paw.  when it came to children, she wasn't always the loving pup we knew. she was more protective of Noah and us then friendly with the little ones. this was something that i worried about.  
after a couple years, she became less wild and more settled. occasionally letting us know that she still had a little spunk in her but mostly laid back. 

this past year was a huge change for her and for the first couple months Oliver was home, 
i worried..a lot about her. 
she went through a lot last year. 
from loosing her best friend to having surgery on her other ear which meant she was away from us for more then 30 hours (by herself) and of course the biggest change, dealing with a new (little) person in the house. 
a little one who didn't care to much for her. 
she had to get used to little one growling at her, hitting her, pushing her, toys being rammed into her legs... almost every single day. 
she had to get used to the crying, the screaming, the new smells, the new schedule. 
a lot.
she surprised me though.... 
after all this. she never lost her sweetness. 
she gives more kisses now then ever and even to little one who is starting to warm up to her. 
she's adjusted so well and with such grace. 
i'm so proud of her. 

she's my girl. 
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