let's start with...

today, i stayed in my pjs all day. i needed a break.
just a lazy day with O.
and that is what we got.
last week was a little crazy. it was a weird week. i think that is why i did not
do any posts after wednesday.
weird why?
after i posted about my blood work on monday and had my root canal on tuesday,
 i got a call on wednesday.
it was from my doctor's office.
the nurse told me they received the results from my blood work and 
my doctor wanted to see me as soon as possible.
well thursday, we had a playdate in the morning so after nap, i took Oliver with me to talk with the doctor about my results. 
let me just say, taking your toddler with you to an afternoon doctors appointment is not the best idea.
don't get me wrong, Oliver did so well and was so patient...
for the first 45 minutes.
after that, he was getting very eager to get out of his stroller...of course this is the time that i was finally able to talk with the doctor.
luckily i had some snacks and toys to help (sorta) keep him preoccupied.
 my doctor informed me that my blood work showed extremely high
ANA levels.
i needed some explaining on what "ana" meant.
ANA is short for
antinuclear antibodies.
so what does that mean?
our immune system normally kills off foreign substances. things that don't belong in our body.
some times, the body will create antinuclear antibodies (ana) that attach to the body's own cells as if they were foreign substances. causing damage or destroying good cells.
this is considered an autoimmune disease.
   from what my doctor explained to me, ana can be found in a number of blood tests.
this doesn't always mean something is wrong or that someone has an autoimmune disease...
but in my case..it does.
since my ANA levels were beyond high
and my multiple (strange) symptoms like...
- exhaustion
(taking naps when Oliver does..which i normally do not.),
- extreme acheness...all.over.my.body 
(to the point i was taking ibuprofen every day and stretching before and after bed)
and swollen digits
(this is so weird. i would wake up with a painful swollen toe and after a couple days
it would go away.
after a week or two, i would wake up with the same swollen toe only on the opposite foot.)
my doctor told me he was really concerned because i should "not" be
having these symptoms at my age.
he told me there were many different types of autoimmune diseases and in order to figure out what was going on with me, i needed to have more blood work done and i need to visit a specialist.
so supposedly, this specialist is very hard to get an appointment with...like 3-4 months out.
my sweet doc was going to try and "pull his weight" and get me in sooner.
so after five vials and a promise that my doctor would "pull his weight",
Oliver and i went home to eat tacos with b.
that was thursday. on friday, i got an e-mail from my doctor saying my appointment with the specialist would be April 2nd....
luckily about an hour later, one of his nurses called and said they got me a new appointment
for the end of February. i'll take it!
that's better then April!
so as of today, that is where all of this stands.
i didn't want to dwell on it and i also did not want to try to figure out what i have.
there is not use in that.
so life went on.
O got his haircut and did a great job..so we got cupcakes and cookies as a treat.
we all went to West Elm and that night b and I had our second date night
(i love date night! thank you AS!!).
i had a 2 hr client meeting (lots to do for this client..phew! in a good way of course!)
after my meeting, we all went out for dinner.
so there you are. i've caught you up on what happened over the last five days.
hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
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