weekend recap - a day late

this past weekend was all about the new house. 

we are two weeks out from 
operation - move in

b had been gone all week so when he got home on Friday, i was itching to show him all the progress that had been made to the new house...but i had to run a few errands and so did he. 
soooo after O's nap, we drove on over to our new hood (i so love this drive!) and we were wowed. 

the biggest item to be installed last week (and this weekend)...

the hardwood floors. 
(first floor)

oh were we...giddy!

 like two school girls!

ahem...i mean one school girl and an excited manly man. 

your welcome b.

wanna see a before and in progress stream of photos? 
me too...here we go...

tile floor and baseboard removed.

florescent light removed...and four beautiful can lights installed. ahhhh!

oh my oh my...hardwood floors in the kitchen. whaaaaat? 
i'm in love..but still lots more to do in here. 
can not wait to see the countertops and backsplash tile put in this week!

even though the hardwood floors really were the wow factor...we loved seeing the plumbing rough-ins.
this will be our future powder room.
 pedestal sink on left with toilet on right. 
here is the before picture...

as you can see, this room used to be a vanity room. it was apart of our master bathroom but since there is another vanity room that you can't see on the other side of the tub/shower room, we felt confident we could work with just one vanity room. so we are turning this into a powder room for our guests. 

our contractor also was able to get the plumbing and electric we needed for the upstairs laundry closet/room-ish. 
so do you want to take another before and in progress journey with me..

before with door closed.

before with door open. this used to be the linen closet. lucky for us there is a 5' vanity in the bathroom across the hall that will give us tons of storage for towels and toiletries. 

here is that same closet with a new door opening, flooring removed and the back wall moved back taking part of the guest bedroom closet. this was all done so we could put a stackable washer and dryer upstairs. 
turns out, we will have some extra room for possible shelves. 

and here it is with the rough-ins...starting to look more and more like a laundry space!

before we left...i took a picture of Oliver and b in one of Oliver's closets. 
aren't they cute? 
love them!

on Saturday morning, we headed back over to the new house and b cleaned up the yard while O and i played with side walk chalk. 
the yard was a mess..and still needs a lot of work but just having the "grass" mowed and the driveway blown off did wonders. 
i LOVE this lamp. it's pretty awesome and would look better in our house of course. 
once we got home, i got cleaned up and headed to Stanton to pick up a fabric sample for a potential new sofa oh and to visit with my friend Alyssa who was working. i took a look around the store to see what was new and immediately fell for a pair of white ceramic lamps. i love the linen shade and the bulbous shape of the lamp. i really want a pair of lamps like these for the master bedroom...so these are going on the wish list. 

once i got home and O was up, we headed back to the new house to see what was finished.
we didn't stay long because we were all ready for dinner so we headed on over to our local sushi place. 

my boy loves him some miso soup (and so does his momma). 
this was the first time he "drank" from the bowl.
i love that little sly smile he gave me before slurping up the last drops of soup!

on sunday (Mother's Day), b took O to the park so that i could work on some drawings 
and have a little me time. 

i got two sweet cards from my boys and would have gotten one of these bad boys...

in the classic white finish...

BUT i told him not to...

at least not right now.

 i figure it's just one more box we will have to lug on over to the new house and really i won't open it up and use it until we are settled so why not wait.

you could say i have a present waiting for me whenever i'd like to go pick it up. 
maybe i should save it for a day when i really need a pick me up.
whatcha think...good plan?

i can't wait to start making some yummy goodies in it though..so who knows when i'll get it.

well that was our weekend...how was yours? 
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