tator tot thursday

Tater Tot Thursday is dedicated to my little tt.
it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
i think it's adorable.
so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...
and it might just relate to yours too!
last year at the Art Festival.
this weekend is the annual Decatur Book Festival.
in the nine years that we've lived in Decatur, i can honestly say that we haven't really gone to the book festival.
i think we went one time...maybe. 
i hate to admit it but i'm not much of a reader, well i take that back,
i am a reader just not of the printed paper books kind.
that was until Oliver came home.
 that's when my true love of books developed.
 i'm a bit of a nut when it comes to children's books.
 i love them and i love to buy them for Oliver.
i also love love love to read them to him. it's one of my favorite things to do with him.
we also go to the local bookstore for story time every week
and try to go early so that we can read any new books they received.
last year at the Art Festival, i got super giddy when i noticed an artist.
it was a local artist who was famous for painting a blue cat named Pete.
he also happened to be the illustrator of a very popular children's book called
which we had bought for Oliver before he came home.
his name, James Dean
 and he was at the festival not only promoting his art but also his newest book
 we just HAD to get the book for O.
and so we did.
it was such a cool experience even if Oliver had no idea what we were doing.
the best part was this..
Oliver got his first signed book.
so about a month ago, our local story time lady told us that the book festival was coming up and that one of our favorite authors was going to be there to read her newest book.
 i knew that would be something i would like to go to
but i was really excited because i knew this year, Oliver would "get" it.  
the author's name, Doreen Cronin
and she wrote one of our favorite books,
"Click, Clack, Moo"
it's such a fun book to read and has some really cute illustrations.
we just recently bought Oliver this book,
and eventually would like to add these two to his collection:
at the festival, Doreen Cronin will be reading her newest book,
"Click, Clack, Boo!"
i'm excited to see how much Oliver enjoys it and also i can't wait to pick up a copy for me...
i mean O. ;)
i hope to get the book signed and maybe snap a picture of Oliver and Ms. Cronin.
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