weekend recap

 Happy Monday!
how was your weekend?
ours was productive. :)
this weekend was all about getting some house items crossed off the list
or at least get some items started. 
we have lived in the house for three months now, can you believe it?
in some ways i can and other ways..i just can't. 
so as i mentioned before, i have decided that i don't really care for most of the art that we had in the old house. i would like to change the style and add some larger pieces to our collection.
this does not apply to Oliver's room though.
 i still love the artwork we have for him although i have been eyeing a couple new prints lately.
we have been taking our time hanging his art though.
i'm not sure why but we just haven't made it a priority, until this weekend.
still love this piece (and "Ram-e above).
 it's pretty true to our routine too.
we finally hung this Korea map that we received from my friend Karen last year.
i'm in love with the colors. they are so bright and happy.
i plan to add a couple more pieces (maybe new?) to the right of it but that will be later.
 we made progress on O's Magic Closet. it's looking so cute!
here is a little sneak peek.
we stopped by West Elm this weekend to order these curtains for O's room.
right now he just has these black out shades which are really nice but i've been wanting to add some pattern to his room. i had been saving these panels from WE for a while and once they went on sale, it was like they were begging me to buy them. ;)
we had to order them online..in the store..since they didn't have the size we needed.
they won't arrive until later this month so once we hang them up, i'll share a photo.
we haven't done much to our master bedroom since we moved in.
 it's still White Dove on the walls with a few pieces of furniture. nothing special.
 we are waiting until we know all the pieces (ie: bed, nightstands, dresser, chair, rug, bench, art, lamps..you get the picture.) until we start actually working on our room. 
with the holidays right around the corner, i'm thinking we won't start until maybe early next year.
the one thing that i know we still would like to get is this fixture.
during construction, a few unexpected things happened which meant we had to nix some decorative items and our poor master bedroom light was one that got cut.
so for the last three months, we've had the original fixture.
pictured above.
that's right...a bare bulb-ed fixture.
it was driving us insane! so this weekend while we were at Ikea,
i noticed a quick and easy fix to our problem.

we decided to go with the larger shade since we have higher ceilings and a larger room.
it was less then 30 bucks!
it is so much better then those ugly bulbs...and we won't feel bad taking it down once we do get our beloved Nelson fixture.
that's a win win people.
over the weekend, i framed O's very first piece of preschool art.
he created it last week and brought it home with him on Friday.
unfortunately, it was in his bag and when he was walking to the car (during carpool), he got tripped up by his bag and fell on it. so the paper had to stay under a tall pile of books for a while.
it's still a bit wrinkled but it doesn't bother me.
i'm in love with the splotches, the colors, the squiggle lines.
it's perfection and it makes me so happy.
we also picked up Mr. Rhino while we were ordering O's curtains.
isn't he's so stinking cute!?
while b and O were at the hardware store, b texted me a picture of all the mums.
as you might already now...i am SO ready for Fall and mums just scream FALL to me...
so he got me two pretty purple ones for our front door.
you might notice that we have a new door mat as well.
yeah..we picked that up at Ikea too.
i like how these three things spruced up our front door area.
we still need to get new exterior lights but for now it's made a nice improvement
compared to when we first moved in...
 sad sad entry.

 pretty flowers make me and Ardie happy. :)
oh and no weekend recap post is complete without a cute picture of my boy right?
my little handy man. :)

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