Sedona - part 1

On Thursday morning, I left Atlanta and flew three + hours to Sedona, AZ to spend the weekend with my friend, Kris. I was seated by the window that overlooked the wing/engine. The flight was so loud and the sun was shining very brightly into the windows. I was seated next to two young siblings who were super sweet and very well behaved. It was their first flight so I felt bad closing the blinds on the windows. After about a half an hour into the flight, I got a headache. By the time I landed, I had a full blown migraine. I have never been sick on a flight so I was really surprised at how fast I got sick on this flight. By the time I met up with Kris at baggage claim, I was nauseated to the point I felt like I was going to be sick. We got our rental car and started to drive the two hours to Sedona. The weather was warm and the sun was shining. 
After about 10 minutes, I had to lean back and close my eyes with my black hoodie over my head. 
Kris stopped at a local CVS half way there so that we could get something for my head. One look at me and she knew I was going down fast. By the time we got to our hotel, I could barely stand up straight. All I wanted to do was go to bed. She suggested I eat something but looking at a menu made me feel incredibly sick to my stomach. The only thing that sounded remotely good was toast and water. So she went to the natural food store just minutes from our hotel and picked me up some rice crackers and Kombucha.  
My sweet friend had flown from Seattle to have a good time with me and here she was having to nurse me back to health. Those rice crackers and Kombucha helped tremendously. I ended up falling asleep around 7:30 and did not wake up until the early the next morning (my birthday). I was so bummed that I had missed a beautiful day with my friend but so relieved that I did not feel sock anymore. Even though it was super cloudy and chilly, we made the most of our first full day.  

Kris and I picked up some warm drinks from Starbucks and walked to the Pink Jeep Tours office that was across the street.  If you are in Sedona, I highly recommend the Pink Jeep Tours! We signed up for a tour that was the "smoothest" if you could call it that. With how I felt the day before and Kris's back, we felt this was the safest tour to take. We lucked out and ended up having the jeep and tour guide to ourselves! 
The tour was incredible. The scenery was stunning, almost unreal at times. Every where you turned there was just breath taking views and it was so peaceful, not a sound. You could very easily get lost in your thoughts out there. Our tour lasted about two hours and once we got back, we both agreed it was time to get something to eat. I have to say, I was surprised to see so many Gluten Free restaurant options in Sedona. It was so nice to have choices! We ended up at a place that I had read about called Chocolatree. An organic, vegetarian, gluten free restaurant. Kris and I both have to be careful about what we eat and this place was very accommodating. 
I got the avocado sandwich with sprouts and their in house onion bread. 
It was really good.  
Since it was my birthday, I decided to treat myself to their tiramisu which was very good but very filling. After lunch, the clouds were still hanging around threatening us with rain but teasing us with some sunshine. So we headed to the Fay Canyon Trail for a quick hike. 
It was an easy hike, mostly red sand to walk on but at the end of the trail was up close views of 
beautiful red rock. 
After the hike, the sun started to shine a bit brighter and we decided to heat toward the Chapel in the Rock. I didn't get any shots of the actual chapel but you can see some here

Someone asked us if we were sisters. :) 
It was still pretty chilly and windy but the views from the chapel were so worth it.  Once we were done, we decided to squeeze in one more trip before it started to get dark. We drove up to Indian Gardens to see if we could find any beautiful turquoise jewelry. The drive up there was beautiful.
 The roads were narrow and windy. 
I picked up a small pendant but was disappointed that I didn't find anything else. 
We headed back to our hotel to add some additional layers and freshen up a bit before driving up to Airport Mesa to catch the sunset. 
We were really hoping to see the stunning sunset that everyone talks about in Sedona, 
but unfortunately there were too many clouds. 
We ended the night with GF pizza and pasta at a place called Picazzo's which 
was right across the street from our hotel. I highly recommend this place, the food was so good and they had a huge selection of gluten free meals. 

I would continue but then this post would be annoyingly long so I will stop at day one and 
continue later this week with day two. 
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