putting the pedal to the metal..

So this happened over the weekend. 
 When we were talking about walking up to the square, I suggested that we take Oliver's bike in lieu of the stroller. O was eager to try it out, b was a little hesitant. So glad we did! 
We've had this bike with the adult handle since O's 2nd birthday and it wasn't until just a month ago that Oliver started to get interested in using the pedals (like pedaling "down" the hill of our driveway). I was totally anticipating Oliver wanting to get off his bike about half way to the square but he surprised us both! 
Not only did he pedal the whole way there but also the whole way back! There were times where he needed some guidance in the steering department and a gentle push up a hill or three...
but those little legs kept moving...except when we made a pit stop. 
Seriously, when did he start to look like he was five? 

don't grow too fast...please. 
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