Happy Days...

It's May! 

I love this month, not only because it's b's birthday month or that we get to celebrate all the amazing mothers that we know but also because it's what I like to call "the in between Spring and Summer". Where the weather is incredibly enjoyable and all I want to do is be outside. It's the perfect weather for grilling out, (which we've been doing quite a bit), taking long walks around our neighborhood and up to the square, also just basking in the sun (without feeling like you just took a steam shower) listening to the birds chirp. I love it. Hopefully this month doesn't fly by as fast as April, although I have a feeling it's going to. 
My little O will finish his first year of preschool this month and then he's off until 
summer school starts in June. I plan to enjoy as much of May as I possibly can. 

beautiful flower arrangement via Ruffled 
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