feeling blue

Recently I took on really exciting (big) project. My clients just bought an older home last month that just so happens to be very close to my house. It has a tremendous amount of character but it really needs a lot of updating. They have teamed up with an architect that I'm currently working with right now on another project that is in the full blown construction phase. Some things we are looking at is moving the kitchen from one end of the house to the other, expanding the back half of the house to include a four season room (aka party room), mudroom and laundry area as well as creating really unique bedrooms for both of their kiddos (so fun!). I can't tell you how excited I was when we met last and they told me they would like to have blue cabinets, not dark blue but more of a mid to light blue. 
Of course I started to look for inspiration and pulled a few ideas to show them...

There are so many beautiful shades of blue that we could use and honestly I am not sure if I have a favorite out of all these pictures because I truly like them all but I do know that we will be able to narrow it down to the perfect shade...eventually. When we do, that hue will be teamed up with some soapstone countertops 
and this amazing new customizable Pratt and Larson tile.
 I'm so in love with this tile, this picture does not do it justice! Seeing it in person makes your jaw drop, it's that amazing. It's going to be a fun project! 

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