r&r weekend

This weekend was about family. With my schedule being hectic last week, I decided to take most of the weekend off to concentrate on my boys. It was relaxing and honestly we didn't do much which was nice. We did manage to hang some art and do a few things for my office. Oh, after a week of staring at two big empty black pots on my front porch, we finally went to Home Depot and picked out some plants to fill them with. It feels good to have those done and some color on our porch. One day we will tackle the renovation of the front porch/front door area, how wonderful that will be! 
I had told O about the pool that was sitting in a box in the garage last week and I might have mentioned us blowing it up over the weekend...which kind of stuck in O's mind all weekend long. He sweetly kept reminding us of the pool and on Sunday even though it wasn't the hottest of days, we got that pool out during nap time and surprised him with it. He was so very excited that we both wondered if his body was registering just how cold the water was. After about 15 minutes and some shivers later, we managed to get him out of the pool. I have a feeling that pool is going to be a big deal this summer. 

Happy Monday!
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