*long weekend with my family*

{well i am finally getting around to posting again...it's been awhile since my last post. b and i were preoccupied with family for the last 5 days. they all left on monday morning before work... of course we did absolutely nothing last night but lay on the sofa and didn't even bat an eye at the mound of sheets and towels that needed to be washed...oh yah...the visit...it was such a great time! we walked and walked and walked...did i mention we walked? we played badminton until we couldn't lift our arms anymore...um judge you going to call that out? i think we all took at least two showers a day...or maybe that was just me...we had delicious food and of course yummy to my very stuffed tummy desserts, a cookout with even more family...
and a celebration...my dad turns 60 next week...the only thing missing was my other sister...btw happy early birthday dad...wish i could come home to celebrate it all over again!}

{my younger sister was the other visitor...she's a blast...she's probably the funnest person i know. when we are together all we do is laugh. of course we have serious conversations but they almost always end in a joke or something sarcastic...being with her these past couple days made it feel like we were kids all over again. wish she lived closer..oh wait...she is going to live closer...or at least closer then her previous home....california!}

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