*news & kitty craft*

{b and i have been really busy working on the house for the past two weeks, trying to get it "perfect" for our visitors (my dad, sister and her husband) who come today! i have managed to squeeze a little bit of crafting in but at this point...it's not photo ready...will be next week. just a hint on what i have been working on...ONESIES....my inventory was zero after the craft show so i knew i needed to build them back up...i have to say that i am pretty excited about how they are turning out....stay tuned.

store update: i am paypal ready...i can now except credit cards on my etsy site....sorry it took so long..that was on my list of things to do while getting the house ready...

fabric update: i also bought some new fabric from my local quilting store...love going there!! as if going there wasn't enough...i bought some more fabric from kitty craft...i'll post pictures when i get them!}

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