*cont...of lots going on*

{during the visit...i was able to teach my nieces how to sew...this of course to me was the highlight of the visit. i loved that they were so interested in being creative. kiyana and kyra were eager to learn and i ended up teaching them one of the first objects i learned how to make...a scrunchie. i let them into my craft closet and gave them the freedom to choose which ever fabrics they wanted to use. the first night we ended up making 8. the next morning before i even got out of bed...the girls had pinned their remaining 5. i was so proud! i need to finish the remaining ones since i ran out of elastic...but here are a couple of the ones we finished together. i even over heard kiyana asking for a sewing machine for christmas...that a girl! she may even need to start her own blog someday! haha cross of the fingers..}
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