{so you ask what is ff? well....let me tell you a story....b asked me this weekend while we were shopping at my favorite fabric store (intown quilters) and of course had my arms full of fat quarters...."have you ever counted how many fat quarters you have at home?" i said "no, why?" he said "just wondering how many there are on the dining room table...." well that got me wondering......how many do i have and is he trying to say something???
no, i did not count them! i did think about it though...instead......i took some pictures of my awesome pile of fabrics...these fabrics are color coordinated (of course) and there are pieces that are less or more then a fat quarter....i think they are a very pretty site...
okay so back to the point...what is ff? after taking these pictures i realized that i suffer from a disease....a disease called fabric fascination...is this a bad thing???? heck no! right?}
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