*i realized...*

{...i had not posted any pictures of v in a long time...i know that some of you have kept up with my small blog for quite some time because of this you are very aware of my niece....well i thought i would give you all an update. victoria is growing like a tree (using the word weed to describe her didn't feel right...)! i can not keep the right size shirts in stock for her. she is now into 4t...some shirts at 3t fit...but she is going to be out of those soon. her hair is growing finally and she gets to wear piggy tails and all sorts of accessories which she loves! recently this summer, she learned to ride a bike (of course with the help of training wheels...but for only being two...i think that is pretty good). she has made her very first friend...her new neighbor. from what her mom says, they play almost every day and they get a long sooo well...it's like they were long lost best friends reuniting...every day. victoria has learned so many more words and speaks in sentences. she is very good at her numbers, counting and her colors as well as her letters too! but the one thing she has not grown out of is her spunk...still makes people laugh and i have a feeling she is going to be a lot like her aunt jenny...enjoy the pictures...in the last picture...the most recent..she is wearing her "ooo rah uncle chad"...shirt...usmc spirit!}
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