{b and i drove up to nashville this weekend to visit our good friends...cory and julie. we have known c & j for almost....8 years. wow 8 years! well we hadn't been to nashville in....i'm embarrassed to say...almost a year!! j & c have two little girls...one who was born in december....time has flown...we had not met miss cuteness in person...since she is now 8 months...we felt we needed to before she turned 1! she is just the sweetest baby!! she has the most adorable baby rolls going on too and you just want to love on her. we also had to see miss birthday girl too! she turned 3 in july and has grown up sooo much so quickly!! birthday girl is such a hoot and she talks and talks...she's such a ham! but while we were there...julie and i being crafty friends that we are had to get away and go to one of her local fabric stores...just me and her...i of course got some stuff....}

{i have been wanting to get the vw bus fabric for some time....they have not had it at my local fabric store so i was so excited to finally get it...the orange flower fabric is for fall...which is coming up quickly...got to get the fall craft projects started!!}

{oh and yes...the best buy of the day...$.75 a yard...had to get more then one yard!}

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