*robotic tee two*

{side note: this picture was taken in my bathroom at 10:00 p.m.....are you seeing a pattern here? due to day light savings...i do not have the wonderful day light i used to have before and after work to take my photos....they are now done in my make shift photo shop...my bathroom...and they don't turn out like i would like for them to....darn day light savings...}
{okay...now for the actual post...do you remember robtic tee one? i took #1 into work one day and my co-worker travis said...i'd like for you to make my nephew this tee for christmas...could you do that? of course i said...YES!}
{making a shirt out of the exact same materials can be pretty boring for me unless it's a pattern that i really enjoy doing...well this is one that i do not mind doing! since there are so many colors and shapes to this tee..i knew i could have some fun with this and i could customize it so that it was not an exact replica of #1 robot. for #2...i decided on greens and blues. i really like how it turned out! oh and the wee.robot...that is for travis's newest nephew...hope both of the boys love their robots!}
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