*aunt sue*

{tonight b and i went out to dinner with a. sue and u. kevin...we don't get to see them that often even though we live in the same city....busy schedules keep us away...so it's always a treat when we do get together. tonight was our get together before christmas...b and i always travel up to indiana for the holidays....before we left aunt sue gave me my (or should i say our?) gift...a little thing about aunt sue...she is one of those special people that put a lot of thought into the gift that they are going to give and she ALWAYS makes it extra special. i LOVE to get gifts from aunt sue. they are one of my favorites. she just has a way of picking out something that i would totally buy for myself and the added bonus...they are always packaged with beautiful paper or ribbon or in a really done up box...i got the beautiful box...
of course i could not resist...i just had to open it up as soon as i got home (sorry aunt sue...i really could not wait!)....inside this beautiful box....
....was the most beautiful pitcher!!! i lOOVVVVEEEE the colors and i love the towels and utensils!!! she did it again! it's going to be hard to top this one! ;) thank you aunt sue (and uncle kevin!)!! i (we) love it all!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!}

well she did it again!
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