*friendship bread*

{so i got the starter kit for amish friendship bread from my younger sister jen. she gave it to me over christmas break and i did my ten days of mashing and adding flour, sugar and milk to it...on the tenth day i made bread...it made 2 full loaves and 1 bundt cake! it was really good...if anyone has done this before...when you get to the 10th day and you are ready to make your bread...you first start off with adding some milk, sugar and flour...then you have to create four starter kits from your mixture...this is of course before you add the other remaining ingredients that ends up being your bread mix...i gave two away to friends and ended up having two left over...another 10 days of mashing and adding....last night was my 10th day....i ended up making both kits...leaving me with 6 loaves of bread...i made some with bananas, chocolate chips and walnuts and then one with dates and raisins and the last batch i made the "amish" way...with just cinnamon and sugar coated pans and topping. with 6 loaves of bread made...i had to freeze 4 of them....but what was left over was these NEW starter kits....8 of them! i have two that are accounted for but i have no idea where the other 6 are going to go.....anyone interested?? haha}

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