*unexpected gift*

{side note: i have been trying to post this darn thing for days.....so here it goes....on saturday b went to the mailbox and brought me back a package. i was not expecting anything but i was instantly uplifted when i saw that it was from my blogging friend parn !}

she sent me this very special get well gift!

look at the back...if it's too hard to read...this is what it says....
nutritional facts...

calories/ Who cares!! just enjoy them

make you smile 100%
feel better 100%
forget about pain 100%
back to bloggin' 100%

i love it!!

oh and that wasn't all....even though that could have been...this "wrapping" was concealing a gold package...i felt like charlie in the chocolate factory! the gold package was holding these very very yummy chocolates! did i mention they are yummy? thanks again parn for thinking of me!!}
{oh btw...if you haven't checked out her shop lately...she has some really beautiful silk head scarves..don't be jealous...but i already have one coming to me in the mail!!!...check her shop out here...}
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