*deck demo*

{here is the ugly deck....}
{during demo...}
{no more ugly deck....yeah!}

{but i don't want you all to think that all i did was take progress pictures...i was very happy to help demo that very ugly non function deck of ours...trust me! during the demo process...i kept telling b that we needed to be careful of unexpected creatures like spiders or snakes. i have always heard stories of things lurking under dark damp areas just like this deck....but to my surprise (and relief)...the only thing that we discovered was this pretty creature...

{a luna moth}

{after researching...i found this out about the luna moth...they are one of the most unusual and beautiful of the North American moths known as Saturnidae. They are well known for their green-yellow colors and long tails,and although they are often seen in pictures, they are a real surprise when found in nature. Although they are common throughout the eastern U.S., their night flying habits and short life span as an adult moth, only about 1 week, combine to make them a rare find.}

{sad this beautiful moth only lives about 1 week....}

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