*do i still craft??*

{i do! i really do! i'm sorry i haven't shown anything in quite a long time. i guess there are a couple reasons why i haven't...
1. so many other things are going on right now besides crafting...so i feel excited to share these with you all.
2. i guess i have gotten a little secretive lately with my shirts. i have come up with quite a few new designs and i am hesitant to display them right now. i want to show them off when they are finished....i have quite the inventory built up for the ice show though (which is in what...25 days)...i will end up having a little more then 60 shirts/onesies to choose from.
so i promise...i will showcase all sorts of shirts and onesies and more in a couple weeks. until then...i'll be showing off everything else that is going on around here!}
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