*i'm back...*

{from my very quick business trip to new york/new jersey. what a trip! i had to take a taxi from newark airport to jersey city and uh that was a trip in it's self. i won't go into details about that...you can only imagine. i have to say that i am very happy being back home though...in 70 degree weather.....
the trip was planned so that our first day was spent in the hotel doing training for bulthaup. so we didn't get out to "explore" much on thursday. but some of us were able to escape after dinner to the river walk that looked over the hudson...this was a really pretty view of the city. i was able to snap this shot of the lights....}

{the next day...it was rainy and cold (in the 50's) with gusts of wind....we spent half the day in the hotel (yes training again) and then after lunch..it was field trip time...all 35-40 of us needed to take the subway to get to the newly remodeled new york showroom...which was located in soho. this was an adventure! ah... if you can imagine trying to make sure all 35+ of us were on an already crowded subway train....quite funny. after getting off the subway...we got to walk a couple blocks in the soho area. this would have been nice if i could see where i was going...all i could see was my own black umbrella. i was told that you had to be careful and keep your head down so that you didn't get poked in the eye by some stranger's umbrella. nice! after walking the couple blocks...we walked up three very large flights of stairs to the very nice showroom...sorry can't show any pictures right now.....but i did manage to finally see the street area...not very exciting huh?}

{i think the next time i go to new york...it will be with a bunch of friends and b....oh and someone who knows their way around new york...so that they can show us some of the more interesting spots....until then....}

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