*in the yard and bee talk*

{i was reading my newest country living this morning and came a crossed the article "plight of the honey bee"...have you read about the honeybees disappearing? it's really sad and kind of disturbing....anywho as i was reading i said to myself...i wish there was something that could be done...and then...i turned the page....country living read my mind! here is what they suggested if you want to do your part in trying to save the honeybee
(my summed up version)...
1. replace parts of your lawn with flower beds.
2. reduce or eliminate pesticides and insecticides in your garden.
3. choose plants that flower at various stages in the growing season to provide a consistent source of food.
okay so i started to look at my yard....i don't really have flower beds - darn, don't use pesticides- good good...but i do have PLENTY of flowering plants!!! YIPPEE!!
{plums are growing....this plum tree as you may remember from march's post...blooms gorgeous white flowers...perfect for the honeybee!}

{we've got blue hydrangeas! another great flowering source!!}
{our new pink n pretty hydrangeas....i couldn't agree more with their name! i just recently planted these without thinking of the honeybees...way to go me huh?}

{so after looking at my yard...i think i have plenty of flowering items thru out the year to satisfy a colony of honeybees..i hope you all will do your part!! please save the honeybees....i love honey!! :) }

{oh...before i leave....here is an updated picture of the deck...it's getting bigger and growing taller!}

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