*back from our trip*

{well we our back from our short jam packed mini vacation.....

{our drive up to LaPorte started with a storm but it didn't last long....the drive ended up to be pretty nice...}

{my dad's house...where i grew up. my room was the triple windows...i always loved my view.}

{on friday...after we got to my dad's house...we all hung out in the yard. i could not help but take pictures of dad's yard...it was so green and beautiful. indiana has been hit with a bunch of rain these past couple weeks and while there are parts that are flooded.....laporte is not one that was affected in a bad way. it only made everything more lush. i could have slept on the grass, it was so thick and green!}

{victoria w/ her cookie}

{on saturday, cara, victoria and i ran around doing errands...we dropped by truffles in michigan city to pick up the trio of desserts for jenny's baby shower. while we were waiting...we could not resist getting smiley face cookies for each of us. yummy!! of course i bought a bunch more goodies for the rest of the family to enjoy....how could you not...they all looked so good!}

{b and jordan (our oldest nephew) got to hang out most of the day on saturday...they dropped by my dad's house to pick up some of the treats from truffles....isn't jordan just a cutie! he and b spent an hour and half on a checkers game at a coffee shop....two great minds will take that long on a simple checkers game! watch out b....he's young now...but wait till he gets a little older.}

{on saturday night, it was time to celebrate my grandma hodowal's 80th birthday. we all met up in new buffalo, mi. the restaurant was the perfect setting for grandma's party. my sisters and i got to hang out with our cousins for the first time in years. it was so much fun being all together again!}

{the momma to be}

{on sunday afternoon, we hosted a baby shower for my sister jenny. she is due in october and this was the only time we all would be home at the same time....it was a great time. she got a lot of beautiful things and we had a wonderful spread of food.}

{the very yummy shower desserts from truffles}

{on our way back to the indianapolis airport..}

{we were sad to leave and could have stayed there longer but needed to come home...}

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