{i was going through my normal blog reads and noticed a post called "please pray" on homeadegrits's site. after reading her post, i clicked on the link to this beautiful blog about a family of 6 called Love for Nie. this family is made up of Nie (Stephanie) and her husband Christian and their four beautiful children all under the age of 6. this family has suffered an terrible accident. both Nie and Christian were involved in a plane crash where the pilot did not survive. the parents are currently in the hospital and under going various kinds of treatments and surgeries. Nie's sister has been posting updates on her own blog here. mean while she is taking care of her sister's four children. this is such a gut retching story and hits home for me. i can not imagine having to go through what this family is going through right now.}

{because there have been so many people asking if they can give money to help out, Nie's family has set up a fund (see side bar for donate link). this fund will be used for all of the hospital bills as well as maintaining their household while Nie and Christian are in the hospital. if you would like to donate money please go to the blue NIE button on my sidebar and it will direct you to their link.}

{there will also be a silent auction held in behalf of this beautiful family starting tomorrow August 28th. to find out more on the auction...go to designmom's blog. there is an amazing amount of talented artists who are taking part in this silent auction. so if you are not the donating type...this may appeal to you more. }

{if there is anything you can do for this family...the one thing you can do is pray for Nie and her family and their recovery.}
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