*red bird ink*

{these are the pieces i purchased...}

{yesterday, i got the wonderful privilege of meeting a very talented artist. her name is julia farill and she owns red bird ink . i contacted julia this past week to see if i could purchase some pieces of her stationary. i had bought a hand full of cards from her last year at the ICE summer show. i loved the design of the cards and made sure not to use them too quickly because they were considered "special" cards...well i used my last one this month...so after doing some research i found her website and e-mailed her to see if i could purchase more. it turned out she lived in the same area as me and we decided to meet up at the new coffee shop, dancing goats in downtown decatur. (side note: if you are in decatur...check out the dancing goats....i would highly recommend) julie brought a wide variety of her stationary for me to view and of course if i had unlimited amounts of money...i probably would have bought everything that she showed me. i know i repeated the words.."i love that!" and "wow that is beautiful" and "oh...i love those colors". she even brought some of her custom stationary that she had worked on for clients....amazing. (julia, if you read this, i tried describing the mad hatter invite to my husband...that was just too cool!!) needless to say...we had a really nice time and lucky me...i was able to purchase a nice supply of her beautiful stationary. you should really check out her unbelievable talents...red bird ink....oh and her site doesn't show this (but she did mention that she might put these on her etsy shop)...julia has box sets....beautiful box sets...something that i will be going back for closer to Christmas! enjoy!}
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