*a special 4 year old*

{this past weekend, we drove up north to help celebrate with our good friends, cory and julie. their oldest daughter was having her 4th birthday and it was a splashing good time. kind of corny...i know...no more puns. well it was a good time. the theme of the birthday party was the little mermaid. but this didn't mean that everything was decked out in Disney decorations. it was more of a water theme...very clever huh? there were kiddy pools around the yard, blue tents for the elders, colored balloons that reflected the colors of the little mermaid and best of all (amongst kids and adults) a giant 25' high water slide. yes...i said a 25' blown up water slide!
{here is the birthday girl (brunette) with some of her party guests}
{i said 25' high...but it could have been higher...?}
{yes...there were plenty of gifts...the birthday girl actually got tired of unwrapping them midway thru...hehe}
{oh and did i mention that julie and i tried out the slide? enough times to give us scraps and sore muscles in the morning...}
{the worst part of it all....we had to say goodbye. b and i always have so much fun with our friends and their family....but really could you say goodbye to such a sweet face like this one? trust me...it's hard.}
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