*bliss soybean candles*

{a couple days ago...i came a cross this etsy shop that sells soy candles called bliss candles...i immediately saved it as a favorite....knowing that i would be buying candles very soon for the upcoming months...i am a sucker for those smells like Carrot Cake...Autumn Spiced Tea..Cinnamon & Spiced Apple..and Pumpkin Thyme...all the smells of fall wrapped up in these beautifully rustic containers....well the next day i received a convo on etsy from the owner, Suzanne....she asked if she could feature me on her website!! i of course was excited and very happy to be featured so i sent her some answers to the questions she wanted to post about....today..she featured plum.tree.studio on her blog...you should go read it and don't forget to check out her shop...she has some really yummy scents...it's going to be hard to choose! thank you Suzanne!!}

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