*a good day*

{yesterday was a good day...in the morning..i got an e-mail from rachel saying that she was about to get a treasury on etsy...then she did and said she posted one of my robot tees on it!! so i got onto etsy...found it and tried to do a screen shot of it...it didn't work out so well...so here's rachel's screen shot...but you can see robotic tee up there...a BIG thank you to rachel for adding plum.tree.studio to her "no girls allowed" treasury!!!}

{then my friend lula came over and showed me her pictures of her new niece elle...so cute. i swore she was a baby doll..she has the most perfect little face with those raspberry lips! after doing a little show and tell...we ventured off to get some food and then off to the quilting store...my favorite! lula and i bought a bunch of fat quarters and of course we could have bought a ton more...but who couldn't resist when you have beautiful prints like these?? we had a great time together...as always! it was a good day.}
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