*i'm back!!*

{hi!! i've missed you guys! hope you had a great week and a good start to this week!!}
so as i mentioned before...i went to go visit my younger sister jen (and brother-in-law chad) this past week in Virginia. they are stationed at Quantico right now...so it's so easy to go visit them compared to their last home (Camp Pendleton in California). we had a great time!! hanging with either of my sisters is always a good time, full of laughs, jokes, stories and just good sister time. as you guys know...jen is expecting a baby very very soon. her due date is coming up quickly and i am beyond excited!! jen and i took advantage of the time that we had together....i'll share some pictures with you...

first up...figuring out those baby carriers...tricky at first...but easy after we used one of shiloh's dolls (aka fee fee) to see if the carriers worked correctly....they did...

next up...finding an outfit to bring baby home in....success!! but after all that shopping...shiloh felt she needed to shift gears and she was "popping" out of her cozy spot! that was the highlight...feeling her move and trying to figure out if it was a foot, hand or her bottom!

while i was there, chad took advantage of my knowledge of a sewing machine and had me sew a couple name plates onto his gear....but first...i had to see what i was dealing with...oh that's me "trying" to be marine tough...ha

i had such a great time with jen...we got a lot accomplished (this post would be a novel) but most of all we had a wonderful time together...something that i will always treasure...i miss her so much already...

{my flight back home to atlanta...}

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