*a thought*

{starbucks to keep him going...hehe}

{i was working one day and came up with a new stand for my shirts. i was thinking of the upcoming craft shows and how to display a shirt on our table without it being flat....so i told b about it one day while walking and him being my partner in all this...said draw me up what you'd like me to make. i didn't have to ask him...that's just how he is. :) so i showed him a quick sketch and told him some dimensions and we were off. we bought the supplies from hd this past weekend and he put two together for me in two different heights. i painted them yesterday and tah dah....new shirt stands for the display table!! oh and they can be used for other things as well...i can hang bibs from them on the arms and showcase one of the bibs in the middle...many uses...but i won't go into all the details. my b...he's good to me. thanks b!!}

{all nice and painted white}

{robotic tee and tiny tree tee on display...in my very messy craft area...}

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