*Atlanta Christmas Showhouse*

{this weekend i got the privilege of working the Stanton Home Furnishings room at the Atlanta Home & Lifestyles Christmas Showhouse. what an amazing house! i got to take a tour of the house for free since i was working for Jimmy Stanton. i had some favorite rooms that i would have loved to show you but...no photos allowed. darn. i did however find some photos online courtesy of the ajc. so here we go....}
{the house}
{the foyer}
{the dining room...just off the foyer}
{breakfast room}
{fireplace in the living room}
{since i couldn't take pictures...i don't have the room that i took care of for the past two days...but i did find a picture of a room he did at another showroom....}

{so if you are in the Atlanta area and you haven't gone to the Christmas Showhouse yet...you should go...it's off of Mt. Paran Road and it's 20.00 to tour the house. Oh and don't forget to check out Jimmy Stanton's room...it just might end up being your favorite room...like 90% of the people i talked to. :) }
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