*button tie tree*

{two weekends ago...b and i went to the local antique store that we like to browse and i spotted this white wire tree....for $5.00! i knew i could use it for my booth...but i wasn't sure how i would be able to use it....}
{as i was putting together 40+ button ties for the Mary Lin show...an idea popped in my head....use my new wire tree to display my button ties! bravo!}

{in case you didn't know...these are button ties...they can be used for ponytails..piggy tails..braids...and so forth...oh and they aren't just for little ones...adults can wear them too.}

{the tree turned out to be a huge success...you could really see all the button ties we had to offer...even though it doesn't look like there's a lot on the tree...trust me there are over 40 button ties displayed.}

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