*diningroom experiments*

{let me tell you a little bit about diningroom experiments...well first off it's my good friend andrea!! she is the one who opened my eyes to this whole new world of crafting that i have come to LOVE....she also introduced me to craft shows and the world wide web. andrea and i were "crafting" buddies...she helped me with plum.tree's first AND second logo...most of my marketing is from her incredibly talented mind....well she went through a "non-crafting dry spell" for months and months and months...i didn't think the crafter in her would ever come back...thank goodness i was wrong because well.....she's BACK and full force!!}
{one of her new bags...yes those are her pretty red nails..i'm so jealous!}

{remember me telling you how she helped me with my marketing material? look at her new layout describing where her fabrics come from....so cool!}

{Wanna see what she's working on...visit her blog: diningroom experiments
visit her updated etsy shop: the dining room}
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